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  • Onsite One Day Group Intensive: Value: $2,000 per attendee                                                         
  • Online Half Day Group Intensive: Value:  $1,500 per attendee                                                         
  • Online Eight Week Mastery:  Value: $3,000 per attendee                                                                 
  • Nonprofit organizations discounts, ask about our grant options. 

Three ways you can participate in Know Thyself Discovery

If you are ready to stop doing what is not working in your career,
ministry, and relationships, ​I can help you discover what

you should and should not be doing in your life.

Everyone is born with a unique set of DNA chromosomes that determine who they are and what they need to be successful. This impacts every aspect of their work and relationships. And yet, why is it that we do not spend more time understanding how we are wired?

The fact is, that the more you understand yourself, how you are wired and what you need to be successful, the more you will live a life filled with significance and happiness because you will be doing the things that God designed you to do.

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Know Thyself Discovery (KTD) is an investment in yourself. It's a bible-based journey of self-discovery where you will join with a small group of other women who are also on the path to transformation through understanding their unique DNA blueprint. The purpose of Know Thyself Discovery is to transform your life through understanding how you are wired, what you were uniquely designed to do and not do, and what you need to live a life filled with significance and joy. 

Components of the Know Thyself Discovery journey include: 

  • Identifying  your DNA personality 
  • Determining what you need to be successful
  • Understanding what you need for happiness
  • Recognizing your primary strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Leaning what you need to thrive in change and stress
  • Discovering your spiritual gifts 
  • Developing your life mission statement

"... I am fearfully and wonderfully made."  Psalms 139:14

"Know Thyself Discovery was one of the most empowering journeys I've ever experienced. It was so worth the financial and time investment.Every PMC leader should take the course,"

Renee Wooten, CEO
Options 360

Know Thyself Discovery 

I would love to answer any questions you may have. Please contact me by phone at 509-886-4894 or fill out this email message.

"Beth Chase is a natural leadership coach. Her skills in this area excel. She worked with me through a difficult situation that resulted in the protection of our mission and saving our team. THANK YOU BETH!"

Mary Bron, Executive Director
Pregnancy Choices.