This is a 2-hr live customized webinar that covers foundations in fiduciary, corporate and ethical responsibilities of boards of directors. Includes a corporate review of articles, bylaws, minutes and federal policies. 

Board Point Onsite

Board Point Onsite is a customized six-hour governance training that provides a detailed look at the fiduciary, corporate and ethical responsibilities of board members.  


  • A 30-minute phone call with all board members prior to the training
  • Corporate review of articles, bylaws, minutes, federal policies, conflict resolution policy
  • Governance survey tool
  • Board recruitment manual
  • Board evaluation tools

This is a free 30-minute broadcast for board members that airs every last Tuesday of the month. Hosted by Craig and Beth Chase. Click here to register. 

Board Videos

Three Board Training Opportunities

Board Point Webinar

   Protecting and Advancing nonprofit organizations


  • How Take Minutes The Right Way
  • Basic Board Training For New Board Members
  • Board Chair Training
  • Ministry Models
  • Brilliant Governance Videos
  • Pledge Programs
  • Hiring Right

Brilliant Governance Broadcast